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The world is constantly changing and every day we are more conscious of preserving it for a better future.

Thanks to constant research, today we can offer sustainable products and we use natural resources in a rational and efficient way.

Let's make a green, sustainable, and efficient world!


AFLab 2310-01

This suede is not only beautiful and gives you a warm feeling because of its hairy finish .

It is also environmentally friendly as it is chrome free and metal free.

Its extra soft and lighter.

We love it!!


Taking care of natural resources should no longer be optional.

That is why, at Alfamex, we are always seeking different methods to take care of the environment.

On this occasion we try these microspheres which are small polymer beads that replace part of the water in the retanning process improving the mechanical action inside the drum and gently massage the chemicals helping them to improve their distribution using less water, less chemical and therefore reducing the carbon footprint.


AF Lab 2302-04

Chrome and metal-free suede.

Very soft and with brighter colors.

  • It is the most sustainable way to tan.

  • Metal and formaldehyde free technology.

  • Low conductivity and chlorides.

  • Better appearance, fuller skirts and armpits.

  • Reduction of hairiness, wrinkles, fattening veins.

  • Water and effluent savings up to 20%.

Perfect for: men's and women's dress shoes, western boots, comfort shoes, kids' shoes, sports shoes and leather goods.

Thickness: 1.2 / 1.4 mm / Average Size: 14 - 18 sqft

Other color options:

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